Digital Dentist for Tablets

Sorry, product has been discontinued.  We are looking into newer Adobe products for use on the new larger iPad.


Learn how to use the Photoshop® Touch app to perform professional level dental cosmetic simulations.

Digital Dentist for Tablets is a step-by-step manual that will walk you through the techniques necessary to create professional level cosmetic simulations using only your tablet, Photoshop Touch (a $10 app), and a $100 digital camera!  The result; an incredibly inexpensive cosmetic imaging system!

At last a tiny investment can give you the ability to do quick and easy cosmetic simulations.  Show your patients what they could look like with a great smile or use our Smile Design techniques to communicate corrections to smile line, midline, cant, tooth size and shape, gingival levels, buccal corridor, and more!  30 years ago this would have cost $40,000 for equipment and software.  Before Digital Dentist for Tablets, a few thousand dollars.  Today with Digital Dentist for Tablet you can have the entire capability for a couple of hundred dollar investment!

All you need is a tablet, Photoshop® Touch, and the Digital Dentist for Tablets manual.

We’ve written this manual with you in mind.  We’ll walk you through every step of the process, we want to make sure you have exactly the skill and techniques you need, when you need it. 

Manipulating teeth and smiles on a tablet is easy and fun.  The challenge is figuring out all the techniques and how to use all the tools.  Digital Dentist for Tablets will tell you how!  Yes, learning how to handle the tools correctly will take a little time and effort.  Don’t worry; if you follow the steps we outline in our manual, you well feel confident in your ability to produce professional level simulations of actual dental treatment options in no time.  Once you learn the techniques and practice a bit, it will take 5 minutes or less to complete even a complex simulation!

Bonus: With every Digital Dentist for Tablets manual we will provide access to our practice images and Smile Library.  The Smile Library will have you simulating full smile makeovers and doing Smile Design with ease!


  1. BulletOur manual is the backbone to a cosmetic imaging system that is incredibly inexpensive and fun to use.

  2. BulletAll procedures are outlined in easy to follow step-by-step tutorials.

  3. BulletUses any tablet Adobe’s Photoshop® Touch runs on!

  4. BulletSimulate your patient’s cosmetic procedure in minutes, anywhere, anytime.

  5. BulletPurchase of DD4T allows BONUS access to our practice images.

  6. BulletPurchase of DD4T allows BONUS access to our Smile Library!

  7. BulletAnother BONUS; need help, we are available through email to answer your Digital Dentist imaging questions!

  8. BulletPlease Note: DD4T does not do everything a $5000 cosmetic simulation program does, but almost!

Topics covered in the Digital Dentist for Tablets manual

  1. BulletPortrait photography for imaging.

  2. BulletWhitening.

  3. BulletDiastema closure.

  4. BulletEdge Bonding, Enamelplasty.

  5. BulletGingivoplasty.

  6. BulletSingle tooth replacement.

  7. BulletSmile Design and smile makeover.

What to do with your simulations

  1. BulletPrint to your wireless printer.

  2. BulletEmail to any account or computer.

  3. BulletDisplay on tablet, turn on and off simulation to view before and after.

Digital Dentist for Tables $249

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Digital Dentist for Tablets